Urinal Cakes

by Ivan Mc Cabe (Pure Dirt)

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A collection of sweet little blue stones found flodded in a golden wash and cradled on a porcelain thrown.


released August 31, 2012

All written, recorded and performed by Ivan Mc Cabe.
Except: Drums- Andrew Quinn
Additional Guitar on "Wage Slaves"- Andrew Quinn
Recorded at Jam Studios, Meath.



all rights reserved


Ivan Mc Cabe (Pure Dirt) Cavan, Ireland

Ivan Mc Cabe hails from a small town in Co Cavan, Ireland called Virginia. No-body can say this musician is any one style of music as influences can range anywhere from Stevie Wonder to Tool, or Pearl Jam to One Minute Silence. Although a rock music core is where it all stems from, to go into greater detail would demand a synopsis of each individual song. ... more

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Track Name: This too shall pass
This too shall pass

I won’t condone the mess, mistakes were made, it’s put to rest.
But with my arms down at my sides, I shouldn’t look, Bone to skin held tight.

The violent calm has been compromised.

Chorus: Some things different, some things changed.
I’ve crossed by the corner stone.
There’s a greater will to gain from this day.
Well I never felt I fit your mould.

Now they find their feet in my shoes, I’m told the wise aren’t blessed with youth.
Well when I think all they have ever thought me, is how to be confused.

Come off a bended knee I’ll make their throne my seat.


Yeah I will, bend the rules for a vindicated out.
And I’m sure when I come to; I’ll find myself confused no doubt.

Keep that quiet, just not that still. Make your way to the front line. It’s not a question of will.
Finally we’ll see the sun rise on a new and brighter day. Don’t wanna be the one who’s sorry.
No this life ain’t yours to take.

Take some solace in these funny ways. Make the best of these brighter days.
Mark my words with our impermanence; whether it’s good or bad, this too shall pass.
Track Name: Healthy Effort
Healthy Effort

If I keep this gripping will it make it mine?
Will they lose their will remain undermined.
In heading headless first we’ll surely lose our mind.
Embrace this bitter sweet silence, this nothing sound.

Slow, too slow, slow and so the meaning go’s.
But I, no I won’t, try this all seems way too hard my healthy effort scarred.
So much for nothing, this nothing bliss.
But we’ve made it easy, couldn’t give two shits.

Chorus: Separate these days
Cause even morning sees its end.
In turning right way round again.
You’ll find your secret sovereign change.

Near the end eat. Chew your mouth dry.
Try to speak while there’s vomit on the back of my teeth.
My twisted tongue, lips now air dried, decides are my words worth the air they ride.

I’m gonna leave it, such a waste.
To turn and find that I’ve been replaced.

Track Name: Rhetoric

Trade up, never down size, for a cold irreverent soul.
This crime always was mine. Guilty for all I’ve cast aside.

Chorus: I must admit I fell for it.
Fell for another fools rhetoric.
I’m tired of the tales I’ve been fed.
Those trace truth faeces, bullshit.

Death, killing, dying, missing, our global seeded dish.
Just one of many imperfections, no methods intent on prevention.


Will I bite the hand that’s feeds? No I’ll feed my fucking self.
If you say so, if you say so, if you say that I’m gonna be the one to negate what’s done.
I can’t, I won’t, so don’t.


Bullshit! Your rhetoric bullshit I’ve had enough of it.
Track Name: Wage Slaves
Wage Slaves

Unwanted forgotten our siblings are left for disease.
Our fathers have dropped a bow wrapped box at their feet.
Be careful the strings that operate your motor skills.
They uncoil at a length stretch further the fabric of wealth.
Just be sure and you meet their demands.

While the grateful are wasted on the full that feel fine.
Nothing these selfish won’t feel in time.
Clammed shut, funny that closure is the closest part.
To freeing up these shackled ankles,
And brighten up the blackened hearts.

They’ll say, ‘It’s safer the other way’.
They’ll say, ‘clean their blood off my shoes again’.

Chorus: We’ll over size our quality of life.
Well to each our own, our laboured fruits are ripe.
I won’t whisper.
Wage Slaves, we’ve come this far.

Cradle the decent, the hope for us all.
Offering alternatives, dreams of a better world.
Set in motion, we’ll see no need to…..


Rented whys, questions cost us valuable time.
In a heartbeat another mother’s soul has sighed.
Shed a tear, her cries of grief still fill the air.
It’s a shame if only we shared the capacity to care.
To care.
Track Name: I've Struck Gold
I’ve Struck Gold

Tender remanence, eye of the storm.
A force of nature in one of its forms.
Growth in sunshine and a wondering cold.
This beautiful everything now I’m sold.

Chorus: Count my blessings when I speak.
Every breath I draw is so sweet.
Oh I’ve struck gold.

By miracle chance we are born.
To partake in the collective all.
As children play.
As the seasoned grace our day.
As bone or dirt, we’re all a part of this earth.

Chorus: ………. Now I’m sold

In haste or in hope, to reap what I’ve sowed.
I remember little the trust I’ve bestowed.
Leave in a dream, my head in the clouds.
I understand change with my feet set in sand.
I’ll bypass the race, I’ve no will to win.
The texture of the ribbons just irritate my skin.
I wanna laugh, to laugh is to live.
To live in the presence of something that’s truly humane.

Chorus: Count my blessings sure as I speak.
Every breath we share is so sweet.
Oh I’ve struck gold.
Oh I’ve struck gold.
Oh now I know the true worth of gold.
Oh I’ve struck gold.